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 Noise Suppression TS-0620YZ


• Intelligent noise reduction, no damage on voice.
• Automatic gain, to ensure sound pickup distance can achieve a good sound noise reduction effect.
• No need to debug, work normally after start up.
• 4 microphone input, 2 stereo line audio input, 1 wireless microphone input interface.
• 2 stereo audio output, 1 stereo recording output and 1 headphone monitor output interface.
• With a large diaphragm condenser microphone, sound pickup distance up to 6 meters or more.



Model TS-0620YZ
Main Chip TI TMS320C6745 floating  point  DSP chip
Sampling Rate 48K 24bit
Improve SNR 15dB
SNR >80dB
Channel Isolation >80dB
Automatic Gain -12dB~+12dB
Total Delay <3ms
THD <0.2%
Input Interface 4 way 6.35 phantom power supply MIC interface,2 group AV RCA stereo line interface
Output Interface

2 group AV RCA stereo line output, one group recording output interface 

One 3.5mm monitor headphone jack

Volume Adjustment 1 MIC input volume, 1 line recording input volume, 1 PA line output volume
Phantom Power Supply 48V
Line Input Level 350mV max 0.5V without  distortion
MIC input Level 200mVmax without distortion
Recording Output Level 1V(no load), max  1.4V automatic limiter
Line Output Level 650mV(no load), max 1.4V automatic limiter
MIC recording frequency response 400Hz ~ 5.5kHz ±3dB
Operating Temperature -20℃~85℃
Power Supply AC200V~250V/50HZ
Dimension (L×W×H) 420mm×165mm×44mm