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 Recorder TS-0653


• Integrated hardware, with embedded linux OS but not PC framework. Highly integrate image-recognition tracking, auto-conducting,
live broadcasting, capture & recording, video statistics and other modules.
• Adopt H.264 High Profile 4.2 encoding, hardware-only DSP way to collect high-definition video and VGA signal Built-in 4 high-definition camera
signal input module and 2 computer signal input module, 2 DVI video signal input module, totally support 8 video signal input. Signal type
supports HDMI /VGA/HD-SDI /DVI / IP.
• Audio adopts AAC high-definition encoding, support one 6.35mm stereo audio input interface and audio RCA stereo audio input interface,
1 audio RCA stereo audio output interface.
• With HDMI monitor output interface, no need to connect other conversion equipment. The interface can be directly output to large screen
and other equipments , no delay, non-network interface, the resolution con be set of will, the maximum support 1920 x 1080.
• Support multi- stream multi-screen / single-stream single-screen / single-stream multi-screen mode, recording file format support standard
MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV and other formats. Recording mode: movie screen I movie screen+ any resource screen, support o variety of different
manufacturers of non-linear tools.
• The film arbitrarily switches the combination of special effects, support four pictures, three pictures , picture-in-picture and dialogue
picture. Film mode switching support manual remote guidance via network, but also support automatic guided switch with the controller
built-in automatic guide module. Support no less than 12 preset-positions, click to achieve one step screen switch.
• Come with 2T disk space; file management database manage courseware with powerful tool, record information in the embedded device,
convenient courseware query. And with automatic upload and timed upload function to the specified FTP resource server.
• Most advanced tracking algorithm, through the face contour detection method, the accuracy rate is more than 90%, support tracking recognition
shielding function, support left and right, front and rear wide dynamic identification technology, support standing time settings and so on.
• Controller supports both control panel and the director station accessing of the same time.
• Controller display can real-time display IP address and hard disk storage capacity.



Model TS-0650
Signal lnput lnterface > 8 Signals(4 HD SOl  +2 PC VGA +2 DVI Signal)
lnterface Type HD-SDI /3G -SDI / HDMI /VGA / DVI
Recording Mode Movie Screen / Movie Screen+ Any Resource Screen
Video/VGA Coding H.264 High Profile 4.2
Resolution(Highest) HD Video:1920 x 1080  (1080P,30) / DVI : 1920 x 1080
Frame Rate(Highest)  VGA:60fps / HD Video: 60fps
Signal to Noise Ratio >88dB SPL
Bit Rate Range 1 Mbps-4Mbps
Audio Coding AAC
Video Monitoring  1 x HDMI, Monitor Output Resolution : 1080P
File Format  MP4
Storage 2T
Network 2 X  1000M
Controllnterface RS-232 / RS-485
VOD module Support 
USB Export Support 
Live  Broadcast Module Support
Control Method WE8 / Central Control System / PC Software
Electrical Characteristics 12V DC / 36W
Size 440 x 235 x 44mm
Weight 3.5Kg